How to add value to your home: 5 renovations to consider

kitchen remodel

When it comes time to list your property there’s always work to be done and it’s important you consider what home renovations are most suitable for your home so that you’re spending your money in the right places.

We’ve put together a list of the most effective renovations you can do to your property to increase its liveability and emotional connection to buyers. These are sure-fire ways to add value to your home. 

Outdoor living spaces and pergolas 



We know Aussies love a BBQ and are always looking for a functional outdoor space to enjoy and entertain outdoors. Your yard should work to be an extension of your indoor living space. 

A great addition to any backyard is installing a pergola. A pergola leaves the immediate impression of being a space to enjoy and soak up the Adelaide sun but also the benefit of covered protection of your outdoor furniture

It’s also a great idea to look at homes around your area for inspiration on the best plants for your climate and speaking to your local nursery for advice. A well maintained yard with plants and fresh vegetation will instantly improve the curb appeal of your home.

Adding an additional bedroom

bedroom extension
A really reliable way of adding extra value to your property is to increase the number of bedrooms. shows us that homes with more bedrooms will always sell for more on average. 

You can add an additional bedroom to your property by dividing a current living space, your current oversized bedrooms or by adding an extension to your property. 

Lofts and garage conversions are also a popular space to transform but will require additional insulation to comply with building regulations as the walls are often single-skin brick work. Before embarking on your renovation it’s important to make sure the room will comply with development regulations to ensure it can be listed as an extra bedroom such as having windows, skylights and proper ventilation. 

If building a new room using traditional bricks for inspiration we recommend taking a look at the sincero brick range from Littlehampton Clay Bricks

The kitchen

kitchen remodel

One of the most important spaces in the house when vendors are looking to buy is the kitchen, after all it’s the heart of any home. 

If you’re working off your existing kitchen layout, the space can be transformed and modernised with new appliances, a fresh splash back, countertops and cabinet doors. 

Completely redoing your kitchen can be more expensive but it is possible, you’ll want to make sure you’re prioritising storage space and functionality. We also know that open living floor plans are the popular choice for families which may mean removing a wall or two if possible. 


bathroom makeover

Your bathrooms are also a room that buyers are looking over with a keen eye because they can typically contain a few hidden problems which means the bathroom is certainly not a room to be overlooked. Just like bedrooms an additional bathroom is a great way to add value to your home.  

If you’re looking to transform your existing bathrooms there are many components you can add to modernise the space like replacing the fixtures and cabinets. Or, if your budget allows, you may want to consider redoing the bathroom with a whole new design of new tiles, toilet and shower fittings to ensure the space looks luxurious, clean and inviting. 


fresh paint living room

Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint! A good paint job works wonders to make your home look brighter and newer.

Painting your interior and exterior can be a more budget-friendly option compared to other types of renovations and can completely transform a space. You’ll want to opt for a modern and neutral colour palette to broaden your homes appeal on the market. 

How we can help

Before you start your renovations, it’s important to have your property inspected. Our experienced team at Select Building Inspections is dedicated in providing the right professional assistance to help you.

Please contact us directly at 0475 555 039 to get a quote or book an inspection.


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