7 Reasons To Choose Trenchless Pipe Repair Technology

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When you find a new home, you may be attracted by the house-viewing, the historical perspective, the neighbourhood, or the atmosphere itself. While you admire the house, have you thought about what is happening under your feet? One of the things you must consider is the sewer line. It may be blessed or could be cursed.

Problems with the sewer line are commonly faced by homeowners. Resolving an issue often involves inconvenience and an expensive repair solution.

Breaks and blockages in the plumbing system clearly need an urgent repair or you risk further damaging your property.

Fortunately, there is a way better option to repair plumbing problems. Trenchless pipe repair technology is coming to the rescue!

So, what is exactly Trenchless pipe repair technology?

Trenchless pipe repair technology is the revolution in sewer line repair. This technology means you do not need to dig, re-landscape, or use hazardous chemicals.

This technology is also affordable, faster, and more environmentally friendly than the traditional methods of repairing sewer lines.

Unlike the traditional methods, in trenchless technology, you only need to make one or two holes for repair or replacement purposes. These holes will be used for installing the equipment. So, the replacement infrastructure will not cause any disturbance to the ground above.

Trenchless Pipe Repair Technology Methods:

There are two kinds of trenchless technology:

Pipe Relining

Pipe relining also known as Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) is a very popular method for sewer drain repairs or replacement without removing the pipe sections.

In this method, the plumbers will create a new pipe within the old one with special epoxy resin then it will blow into the leaking area. Once it is in place, the resin will harden and form a smooth and seamless pipe.

The pipe relining also will strengthen the structure without causing any damage.

To learn more about how pipe relining works, here is a great article that explains how pipe relining works.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a trenchless technology method which requires two holes for replacement or repairing services. This method can also be used for short or long sections of the sewer pipes.

The plumbers will make a hole to reach the end of the damaged pipe. After that, they will slide in a new full-length pipe into the damaged one with hydraulic equipment. Then, the pipe burster will pull through the pipe and cause a new pipe to expand and the old one will be shattered.

Why Trenchless Technology?

The following reasons explain why trenchless technology is preferable:


Traditional repair methods use a lot of time and resources to complete the process. Before starting to fix the repair, the plumbers need to dig a deep hole and locate the damaged pipe which can be very time consuming. Trenchless technology offers faster work than the traditional method because the digging required is much little and is used only for installing the equipment.

Affordable Costs

Repairing sewer lines using trenchless technology is less expensive than the traditional method.

In the trenchless technology method, there is no need to use digging equipment because we don’t need extra digging. By digging only small holes we reduce clean-up costs.

Reduced Damage

The plumber does not need to spend all day digging holes. In the past, the traditional method could cause significant damage to the surrounding environment. Trenchless technology does not cause that damage.

Stay at home

With trenchless repair taking a short time to perform, there is often no need to move out of your home.

Long-Lasting Units

If you are repairing or replacing the sewer line using trenchless technology, you don’t need to worry about replacing it over and over again because it will last for decades.

Better Function

When using trenchless technology for replacement, the pipelines have a larger diameter and seamless nature of new pipe installed. So, it will improve functionally by giving a better flow rate.


The trenchless technology method offers a greener choice with a non-invasive process. By doing this, it will protect you, the property, and the environment thanks to safer materials used throughout the process.

Final Thoughts

Trenchless technology is a better way of repairing or replacing the sewer line of your property. It has several benefits you will not find in the traditional method.

Trenchless technology is much quicker, less-expensive, more environment-friendly, and has improved functionality.


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