Pre-Purchase Inspections Adelaide

Looking to buy a house and don’t want surprises

A pre purchase inspection can save you money

You are about to undertake in the biggest purchase of your life, it makes sense to ask an expert first. When buying a house or an investment property a building inspection is a must. All of our inspectors are licensed builders (not a requirement in SA).

We offer the latest in reporting software to better help you understand your reports. Our reports are easy to understand with key points and come with photos for easy comprehension.

We are in the business to give you the best insight on your next home or investment purchase. Our building reports are designed to help you be aware of any underlying issues such as damage or dangers the property may be hiding.

Getting a building report before you purchase your next home is the best start you can make.

Before you part with hundreds of thousands of dollars, it pays to invest in a building inspection from Select Building Inspections, Adelaide’s best building inspectors and safe guard your biggest investment.

When conducting a building report we look at the following: