Select Building Inspection Pricing

Things to consider when comparing quotes

It is common practice to request several quotations before making a decision in the construction world.

So we are always happy to provide a no-obligation Building Inspection quotation.

When comparing quotations, it is always important to ensure that you are not “comparing Apples to Oranges”.

This means carefully looking at the scope of work, skills, and qualifications as well as the bottom line.

So, what should you look at when comparing quotes:

building inspection pricing


Always remember to consider price in the context of the whole project. If you are buying a $500,000 house, the cost of a building inspection is a tiny fraction. A high-quality building inspection from a professionally qualified inspector will give you the peace of mind that your hard-earned cash is being safely invested.

Quality standards, training, and experience

In South Australia, the Building Inspection Industry is unregulated. This means that anyone can set up shop as a Building Inspector and start advising innocent victims on how to spend their money whether the property is, in fact, up to scratch or not. At Select Building Inspections, we have over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. We therefore only use licensed builders who have been properly trained and are a member of the Master Builders Association.


Carefully review the list of items the inspector will check and the type of report they will produce. At Select Building Inspections, we will always check the following, plus anything else unique to the building:

Our building inspection report is always followed up with a phone call to make sure you understand the report and discuss any problem areas in more detail.

Hidden extras

When we produce a quote, we give a clear breakdown of the service you will receive based on the property size and type. Some building inspectors will reduce the headline price by moving essential items into options or hidden costs. Our philosophy is to be clear and transparent at all times.

Property-based Pricing

Select Building Inspections always provides a competitive price that is proportionate to the work involved. For example, a 1-bedroom studio apartment will generally cost a lot less than a 4-bedroom detached house with a pergola. When you first contact us, please be prepared to give us some basic info about the property, such as the number of rooms, type of property, age, and any additional features such as swimming pools, garages, etc.

Pricing for a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection starts from just $390 for a small unit.

What it includes

Select Building Inspections includes the following with every inspection: