Why Roof Inspections are Important Before Buying a House

aircon overflow

The roof is one of the most critical parts of a house. It provides the primary protection against the elements. When we buy a home, it is important to make sure that the roof is still in good condition and serving its function well. The problem is, not every buyer has a good understanding of roof designs and cavity conditions. That is why you need to hire a qualified building inspector to perform an inspection.

There are a lot of roof problems a homeowner is unlikely to spot. Only a professional building inspector will spot the problem. Some of the most common roof problems that may appear in a house you are going to buy include:

weeds in gutters

Weeds can quickly grow in the gutter when it has not been cleaned for some time. If you let the weeds stay in the gutter for too long, they will cause your gutter to rust or overflow. A rusty gutter can break and cause even more leaks. When the building inspector finds weeds in the gutter, it means that the gutter needs immediate cleaning. If it is already rusty, you may need to replace it with a new one.

Sagging Roof

You cannot normally see this problem unless you go up to the roof. Sometimes, the sagging is so subtle you cannot spot it right away. But a professional building inspector will spot it a mile off. A sagging roof is a serious issue. If it is not repaired immediately, the sagging will get worse, and can lead to your ceiling collapsing.

sagging roof
roof trust issue

Roof Truss Issues

The primary function of a roof truss is to support the weight and shape of the roof. To have a stable and strong roof, you need a well-structured and robust roof truss. Sometimes, a building inspector will spot a roof truss issue such as deterioration that is caused by water intrusion, improper structural modifications or damaged trusses during installation. A damaged roof truss can cause a major failure that not only endangers your house but also puts your family’s life at risk.

Roof Storage Area

The space between the roof and the ceiling is not supposed to be used as a storage area. Unfortunately, many people use it to store their unwanted belongings. By letting the suspended ceiling hold extra weight, it can weaken the ceiling and may cause the risk of collapse.

roof storage issue
roof mortar repairs

Roof Mortar Repairs

From time to time, a homeowner must perform a roof mortar repair. Unfortunately, when it is not done correctly, it can cause leaking and let water enter the roof cavity. If this happens, it can lead to more severe problems such as roof truss and roof framing damage.

Roof Mortar Deterioration

Roof mortar deterioration can lead to a split in the roof that can provide a way for water to enter your roof cavity. Roof mortar should stay in place and protect the roof cavity. This needs regular inspection, to prevent problems with the roof leaking.

roof mortar deteriation
house gutter overflow

House Gutter Overflow

In the heavy rain season, gutters may overflow. Even when it seems normal, it is a sign of an ineffective gutter system. Either it is blocked, damaged, or just not big enough to hold the massive amount of water during the rainy season. Overflowing gutters can lead to damp problems and unwanted entry to the home.

Blocked House Gutter

A gutter can be blocked not only by weeds but also by dirt and fallen leaves. It should be cleaned regularly. A gutter is supposed to drive the water away and protect the house. When it is blocked, it cannot achieve this aim, and may allow water to seep into the walls and foundations, causing further problems for your home.

house gutter blocked
gang nail plate issue

Gang Nail Plate Deflection

The primary function of a gang nail plate is to join the timber trusses. If it becomes deflected, it can no longer hold the timber members in their correct position and can ultimately cause the truss to fail. You can probably guess what happens when the truss fails. Yes, the roof will fail along with it. So, if the building inspector finds that the gang nail plate is deflected, you must repair it ASAP.

Electrical Hazards

The electrical system has a strong connection with the condition of the roof. Before buying a house, you need to make sure that the electrical system is installed correctly and safely. A missing cover plate from a junction box can cause electrical shorting that may even cause a fire.

downlights fire danger

Down Light Fire Danger

Covering the rear of downlights with insulation can cause a fire hazard. When you hire a building inspector, they will check if there are any downlights that are covered with thermal insulation or other materials.

Final thoughts

Buying a home without a proper inspection is just asking for trouble. What may look perfect from the outside can in fact have major issues lurking beneath. So, if you live in Adelaide, and are planning on purchasing a home, invest in a professional building inspection by giving us a call today.


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